Ceremonial Voices

Ceremonial Voices is a business that offers singing at wedding and funeral ceremonies. I was hired to design their visual identity, including logo, website, stationery and magazine advertising.

They wanted their identity to reflect their values which are religious sensibility, spirituality and sincerity. However they didn't want the design to be "too religious". So I used photographs of candles and churches to subtly imply religion and the logo was designed using a cursive font with waves to convey the music element of the business.

The website is split into two parts on the homepage: weddings and funerals. The user decides which part to go and then doesn't see the other part of the site anymore as the target audience is two separate groups and shouldn't need to navigate both parts. The Funeral side of the site uses pale warm colours such as copper to remind the glow of candles and the the Wedding side uses pale pink colours to remind love and spring. The use of pale colours is also to emphasize sensibility and sincerity.

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