Food Quality Consulting

Stephanie, of the newly created Food Quality Consulting company QualisChef hired me to help her build her brand, from naming the company to developing its visual identity.

We started the branding strategy work with gathering information on the food industry in general, her business and its positioning, her values, the audience she is targeting and so on. From there we decided on the name "QualisChef", straightforward for a food quality consultancy for chefs, memorable and with a strong feel of expertise with its Latin likeness.

Positioning and values
Stéphanie's business positioning and values are around offering consulting services that are more local, flexible and relevant than the services offered by larger companies. Stéphanie is a dynamic person with many fresh ideas as well as more traditional ones. She has over 20 years experience in the food industry and has gained extensive knowledge in her branch.

The Design Response
As a result of this research, I used zesty colours and bright photos of appetizing food to express dynamism and freshness. The logotype is made of two types, a classic serif type for the Qualis part to convey the Latin feel and the expertise and a sans serif type to contrast the two words and add a more modern feel to the logo. The logo mark represents a knife for the food/chef aspect and a quotation mark for the talking/consulting aspect, that can be interlocked to show that both elements form part of Stéphanie's work.

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